My sweet, little Casita Studio named herself, "Abuelita," which means "Little Grandmother," the moment I found her.

As one enters, our quaint studio has a Spirit of her own.

Built in 1939, "Abuelita's" turquoise porch welcomes you with deep, comfy, teak rocking chairs, warm adobe walls, paint splatters, rich, color filled palettes, soothing wood floors, and plenty of space to create...

She embraces Creativity in her open arms. You'll feel it immediately in our sweet Art Sanctuary, built in 1939.

An easy, 10-minute stroll from the Santa Fe Plaza, we are in the heart of the Railyard Arts District and Historic Guadalupe.

Keep an eye out for "Chloe", my turquoise 1939 Dodge pickup truck puttering around town with our sign, "Santa Fe Art Classes."

Wave me down and hop in for a saunter around town!


Our Neighborhood: the Railyard Arts District

You'll LOVE our neighborhood! Do an ENTIRE Locals DAY in the Railyard; here's how I spend my days...

After your awesome painting experience, saunter 5 minutes to Cowgirl for cranking music (our local favorite!), chow delish ribs at Whole Hog or Second Street Brewery.

Want traditional Mex? Tomasitas, or (MUST GO) casual dine at Paloma, owned by my gorgeous friend Marja; perfect black salt margaritas/try the ceviche!)

Stroll a little deeper into the neighborhood for my favorite margaritas in town at La Choza (owned by a 5 generation New Mexico family). You'll find it via beautiful through the elegantly designed Railyard Park!

Want a quick nosh? On Tuesday or Saturday, grab local yummies at the Farmers Market, 5 minutes from my front door.

This will take you past amazing shops & galleries.

View awe-inspiring art at Santa Fe's finest contemporary art destinations;


SITE Santa Fe and galleries Fritz, LewAllen, Evoke and Blue Rain.

We are madly in love with our town, and especially our neighborhood, and happily offer our favorite LOCALS recommendations!