Studio Privates

$325 for 1-3 People +
$65 each Added Painter

Looking for the best Family Activity in Santa Fe, New Mexico?
Company ice-breaker?
 Happy Hour Activity (Bring Wine!)?
One-on-one instruction?

We are VERY proud to provide all of the above at Santa Fe Art Classes!

Looking for an amazing family activity in Santa Fe?

TripAdvisor's #1 Santa Fe Art School?

AND TripAdvisor's "Best of the Best 2020?"

Want to try painting?

In less time (and $$$) than a 5 Star dinner, you will create the perfect Santa Fe souvenir: 

Each painter creates a unique, frame-worthy painting.

Families say, "You're the BEST family activity in Santa Fe: an amazing, inspiring children's activity."

We humbly agree. Join us! 

TripAdvisor's #1 Art Class;
ONLY 5 Star reviews since 2015!

"I can't WAIT to see what YOU will Create!"
xoxoxo Robbi

2020 Private Rate = $325/1-3 Painters + $75 Each Added Painter